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Samantha has been practicing martial arts for over 13 years. She started her martial arts journey at the age of 5 after first getting introduced to it from a preschool classmate. She instantly fell in love with the sport and knew this was something She wanted to pursue further. She has achieved the rank of a fourth degree blackbelt in Taekwondo and is also a member of the Amerikick National Karate Team.

Over the years, Samantha has competed and performed internationally. She has won multiple world, national, state, and regional titles, performed in shows, taught seminars to people from many parts of the world, and more.

Notable achievements: 5x NASKA World Champion; 2023 Quebec Open Weapons Overall Grand Champion; 2024 Pan American Internationals Weapons Overall Grand Champion

In 2021, she performed in the first season of "Game of Talents France" along with several other performing artists from around the world. "Game of Talents France" is a French game show where a panel of celebrities try to guess your talent to win money towards a charity. 



Game of Talents France Season 1  (TF1)

Ocean State Grand Nationals 2022

Bo Staff Sampler

Extreme Bo Staff Sampler

ISKA World Martial Arts Championships Night of Champions 2023  (TrillerTV)

Quebec Open Martial Arts Championships 2023 (UventexTV)

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